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Paris 2024

In the low socio-economic areas of Paris, the participation of women in sports falls behind that of men. Only 59% of 18 to 34-year-old women in these areas practice sport (at least one hour a week), while this percentage is 69% outside these low socio-economic areas. 

Game Changer Paris 2024 focuses on increasing the participation of women in sports in these areas. In particular: the 19th arrondissement. NOC*NSF does this by encouraging women to make more use of public space through two projects: District Spots and Vélo école.

District Spots: A community-based approach

District Spots are local sport-hubs for and by young people, where a wide and high-quality sports program is offered to young people from the district. This program helps to increase sports participation. For Game Changer Paris the district spot will be specifically designed for and by girls from the 19th arrondissement. The aim is to reach at least 160 women in the 19th arrondissement and to encourage them to participate on a structural basis in the activities organized at the local district spot. 

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Vélo école: a program for women learning how to ride a bike

Vélo école is an existing social project in Paris that provides cycling lessons for women in the 19th arrondissement. The Game Changer project will support this program aiming to teach as many women as possible to cycle. By giving cycling lessons, the Game Changer project supports women in their self-reliance. By increasing their self-reliance women can for example travel further, more safely, and can participate in society more.

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  2. Infographic january 2024