General Assembly

The NOC*NSF is an association. In Dutch law, this means that the General Assembly is the organisation’s highest decision-making body. An association has members. Those belonging to the NOC*NSF can be divided into the following categories:

  • Ordinary members (national sport federations);
  • Extraordinary members (Dutch sport organisations);
  • Dutch IOC members;
  • Honorary members.

Only the ordinary and extraordinary members pay membership fees to NOC*NSF. The membership fee required from an ordinary member (national sport federation) depends on the number of members who belong to the sport clubs represented by that particular sport federation. At the General Assembly, the ordinary members, the extraordinary members, the Dutch IOC members and two representatives from the Athletes' Commission have the right to vote. The Athletes' Commission has been created to give a voice to top-level athletes. Honorary members and other attendees may only speak at the General Assembly, but do not have a voting right.

The Board

The Board of NOC*NSF is chaired by Anneke van Zanen-Nieberg. The Board has a total of 7 members (5 women, 2 men).

Office staff

To carry out its work, the NOC*NSF has a 140-person-strong office organisation led by Managing Director Gerard Dielessen, who is also Secretary General of the Netherlands Paralympic Committee.