In 2021, NOC*NSF published the Guideline on gender and sex diverse individuals. The document has been renewed in 2023 according to the latest insights.

This guideline is intended to assist sports federations, clubs, and athletes to develop a sports environment in which everyone feels safe and at home. It provides sports providers with the knowledge, experience, and viewpoints required for putting an inclusive and socially safe sports club into practice.

The guideline is based on personal experiences of gender and sex-diverse individuals, associations and clubs, advice from interest groups and scientific research, and is illustrated with examples from practice.

The guidance includes:

  • an explanation of frequently used terminology;
  • recommendations on leadership and education;
  • practical advice for developing an inclusive sports environment;
  • an inclusion checklist;
  • explanation of the regulations in national and international elite sports;
  • the most important conclusions from the Research document on Sex, Gender and Elite Sport ;
  • references.