NOC*NSF has set itself the objective of using the power of sport to unite the Dutch people and to inspire them to greater achievements. This thinking is articulated in the mission statement of NOC*NSF: 

 'Sport, a winning game for everyone'

It is the objective of NOC*NSF, in cooperation with the sport federations, to increase the level of sport participation by making sport accessible for everyone. In the area of elite sport, the aim is to get the Netherlands into the world’s top ten of sporting nations. To that end, NOC*NSF is working to boost funding for sport, to be the best possible umbrellas organisation it can be and to rank among the world’s best National Olympic Committees and National Paralympic Committees in the world.

NOC*NSF is achieving its objectives through well-targeted support, cooperation and advocacy on behalf of the affiliated sport federations. In addition, NOC*NSF organises the participation of top-level teams in the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games and two major international sport events for the youth. NOC*NSF also runs an ambitious elite-level sport program. NOC*NSF serves as a centre of expertise, thereby raising sport to a higher level. Finally, it represents Dutch sport at national and international levels in various collaborative efforts and organisations.