Increase sport participation

For many years, sport federations and NOC*NSF have worked hard to enable people to do sport throughout their lives. And their efforts have paid off. Participation in sport has increased sharply. However, we want to raise the bar again by setting challenging targets. It is our aim to raise sport participation among the general public from today 65% to a higher level.

Attract and engage

In order to realize our sport participation objectives, we have opted for a strategy of "attract and engage." Our aim is to first attract people by strengthening their motivation and drive, and then to engage them through the unique atmosphere, culture and identity of one of our sport providers or sport clubs. We believe that in every neighbourhood in the Netherlands, the sports requirements of the locals need to be provided for.

This is a complex task, all the more so because most sport providers in our country are not sufficiently equipped to carry out their task. This is why we are aiming for a joint approach: cooperation at local level to create all kinds of sporting possibilities in close proximity to the target group. The collaboration between sport and government is very important, all the more so because it helps to create complementary support for local sport providers. Cooperation among sport federations is also beneficial; this allows for, to give an example, offering a broader spectrum of sporting facilities and opportunities, as well as more sources of expertise.